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Articles and other things I've written:


"Windy Crossing" in Pack & Paddle, December 1993, pp.18-19.

"Lake Union: Seattle Getaway" in Canoe & Kayak, Vol.22, Issue 4 (August 1994), pp.60-61

"Kids and PFDs" in Canoe and Kayak, Vol.24, Issue 1 (March 1996), pp.46-48.

"Island Hopping in Barkley Sound" in Paddler, Vol.18, no.2 (April 1998), pp.100-101.


"An Ascent of Liberty Ridge" in The Mountaineers Annual, Volume 79, 1991-1992, pp.41-46.

"Tatoosh: A Reader's Diversion" in The Mountaineers Annual, Volume 80, 1993-1994, pp.67-71.

"Alpine, Winter, and Expedition Climbing" Chapter 16 in Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 6th edition.

Along with two other people, I contributed to this chapter by revising the chapter from the 5th edition (my section was pp.407-413) as well as writing some new material (the section "Alpine Climbing").

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