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Biblia Hebraica Leningradensia ed. by Aron Dotan, Hendrickson Publishers, 2001 (I was responsible for Proverbs - Chronicles).

Books Indexed

Baker Book House:

Defending the Faith by Richard Abanes
Beyond Imagination by Dick Eastman
Trickle-Down Morality by Otis
Witchcraft by Craig S. Hawkins
Selling Fear by Gregory S. Camp
Invitation to the Classics ed. by Guiness et. al.
They Shall Expel Demons by Derek Prince
Your Sons & Daughters Shall Prophesy by Ernest B. Gentile
The Twilight Labyrinth by George Otis
Kids Online by Donna Rice-Hughes
I Give you Authority by Charles Kraft
Relativism by Beckwith & Koukl
Dynamics of Preaching by Wiersbe
Dynamics of Church Leadership by Aubrey Malphurs
Care of Souls by David G. Brenner

Cornell University Press:

Power in Motion: Capital Mobility and the Indonesian State by Jeffrey A. Winters

Crossroad Publishing:

Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O'Murchu
A Thousand Frightening Fantasies by William van Ornum
The Peoples Church: Bishop Samuel Ruiz of Mexico and Why he Matters by Gary MacEoin
The Struggle for Theology's Soul by William M.Thompson
Raising Abel by James Alison
Crisis of Conscience ed. by John M. Haas
Spirituality and the Secular Quest by Peter H. Van Ness
Beyond the Dream by Hora
A Grammar of Responsibility by Gabriel Moran
Guests in Their Own House by Carmel McEnroy
The Future Church of 140 BCE by Bernard J. Lee
Parish School by Timothy Walch
Living in the Margins by Terry A. Veling
Ongoing Incarnation by Michael Himes

Crossway Books:

The Coming World Revival by Robert Coleman

Discovery House:

Adventure Through the Bible by Ray Steadman
Biblical Psychology by Oswald Chambers

Dordt College Press:

From Creation to Consummation by Gerard Van Groningen

Wm. B. Eerdmans:

Hans Frei and Karl Barth by David E. Demson
The Christ and The Spirit by James D. G. Dunn
Princess Ka`iulani by Sharon Likkea
The OT and the Significance of Jesus by Frederick C. Holmgren
Creating a Christian Worldview by Peter S. Heslam
Introduction to the Pentateuch by R. N. Whybray
Practical Theology by Gerben Heitink
A Wild Kind of Boldness ed. by Rosemary K. Adams
Missiology ed. by F. J. Verstraelen
The Immerser by Joan E. Taylor
Bioethics ed. by Rae & Cox
The Changing Face of Health Care by Kilner et. al.
Worship and Theology in England (Vol. VI) by Horton Davies
At Eternity's Gate by Kathleen P. Erickson
Word Without End by Christopher Seitz
Karol Wojtyla: The Philosophy of the Man Who Became Pope John Paul II by Rocco Buttiglione
The First Theologians: A Study in Early Christian Prophecy by Thomas W. Gillespie
That We May Be One by Jolly Tanko Yusuf
Paul's Early Period by Rainer Riesner
The Feminist Question by Francis Martin
According to the Scriptures by Paul M. van Buren

Gospel Publishing House:

Pentecostal Pastor by Trask, et. al.
I & II Corinthians by Stanley M. Horton
Ministerial Ethics by T. Burton Pierce

Johns Hopkins University Press:

Class and Conservative Politics by Ed Gibson

Moody Press:

Luke by C. Marvin Pate
Hebrews by John MacArthur
Money Sense by Judith Briles
The Coming Evangelical Crisis ed. by Armstrong
Shepherding the Church by Joseph M. Stowell
Dispensationalism: Revised and Updated by Charles C. Ryrie
Reaching A Generation for Christ by Dunn & Senter
The Promise by Tony Evans
Returning to your First Love by Tony Evans
So Great a Salvation by Charles C. Ryrie
Understanding End Times Prophecy by Paul N. Benware
Our God is Awesome by Tony Evans
Mark by Louis Barbieri
Sound Mind Investing by Austin Pryor
Team Leadership in Christian Ministry by Kenneth Gangel
The Glory of Christ by Peter Lewis

Mountaineers Books:

Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills ed. by Graydon (note: I was also a contributing writer to this volume)
Photography Outdoors by Mark Gardner & Art Wolfe
The Mountaineers: A History by Jim Kjeldsen

Scholar's Press:

The Place of Judaism in Philo's Thought by Ellen Birnbaum

University of Chicago Press:

Women and Religion in Medieval and Renaissance Italy by various
Covenant of Blood by Lawrence A. Hoffman
Selling the Air by Tom Streeter

Westminster John Knox:

Proclaim Jubilee by Maria Harris
Victims and Sinners by Linda A. Mercadante

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